180 Days of Reading: Grade 1 – Daily Reading Workbook for Classroom and Home, Sight Word Comprehension and Phonics Practice, School Level Activities Created by Teachers to Master Challenging Concepts


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Great for after school and intervention programs, students gain regular practice through these quick diagnostic-based activities. Both fiction and nonfiction passages are provided as well as data-driven assessment tips and a Digital Resource CD with assessment analysis and electronic versions of the daily practice activities. This resource is aligned to the interdisciplinary themes from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

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180 Days of Reading, Math and Writing180 Days of Reading, Math and Writing

180 Days Workbooks for Grades K – 6

1st Grade 180 Days of Math Reading and Writing1st Grade 180 Days of Math Reading and Writing

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180 Days of Reading – A Daily Reading Workbook

1st Grade (248 Pages)

The ‘180 Days of Reading’ workbook offers purposeful, daily practice to help 1st-grade students learn and master reading at an early age. With age-appropriate reading activities and lessons for the entire 180 day school year. Whether used in the classroom or homeschool, 180 days of Reading was written by 1st-grade teachers to include fun topics kids look forward to. Benefits of this book include:

Daily lessons build on weekly themes.

Teaches foundational words, simple spelling, reading comprehension, and simple sentence writing

Helps homeschooling parents and teachers improve students’ reading comprehension

Practice for Every Day of the School Year

180 days of practice workbooks180 days of practice workbooks

180 Days of Math, Writing and Reading180 Days of Math, Writing and Reading

180 Days of Workbooks for Teachers180 Days of Workbooks for Teachers

Practice Makes it Perfect

180 days of daily practice with lessons designed to immerse students in each subject, learn key skills, and form good habits.

Week-by-Week Analysis

Designed to test and challenge students’ knowledge throughout the entire 180 day school year, on a week-by-week basis.

Easy Same Page Scoring Guide

Scoring guide on each page to help you track progress at a glance, and assess students’ understanding of specific skills and concepts.

180 Days of Workbooks in over 10 Different Subjects for Grades K - 6180 Days of Workbooks in over 10 Different Subjects for Grades K - 6

Our #1 Resource for Daily Student Practice!

Homeschool workbooksHomeschool workbooks

Supplement classroom curriculum with 180 days of math, writing, readingSupplement classroom curriculum with 180 days of math, writing, reading

Afterschool Practice with 180 Day WorkbooksAfterschool Practice with 180 Day Workbooks


Perfect for at-home learners with problem-solving units that build daily and weekly throughout the entire school year.


Activities and lessons that are quick to complete and grade – leaving more time for intervention and differentiation.


Builds a routine of daily problem-solving practice with material that complements lessons learned in school.

Created by Teachers for Teachers and StudentsCreated by Teachers for Teachers and Students

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